Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Ryan Adams - "Sylvia Plath"

Sylvia Plath figures fairly commonly into modern music. An example of this is Ryan Adams's song "Sylvia Plath," in which Adams characterizes Plath as an immensely troubled-- yet fascinating-- woman. He portrays her with several faults, but despite these troubles, Adams creates the feeling that it would have been a privilege to meet Plath and to have been around her. He accepts her faults and even embraces them, suggesting that if he had been in the position to, he would have cherished her.

In a way, Adams sums up a feeling common to many people who love Plath: that she was a beautifully complicated human being who is beloved by those who are enamored with her writing. He aptly states, "I wish I had a Sylvia Plath," summing up the fascination that surrounds her even today.

Song © Ryan Adams from his album Gold, released 9/25/01 by Lost Highway Records

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